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Katie Holmes is Pictionary flop

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By: Joanna Douglas, Shine Staff

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Katie Holmes playing Pictionary with Jimmy Fallon (Getty Images)

Katie Holmes may be a good actress, but her artistic ability is severely lacking. The wife of Tom Cruise appeared on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" to promote her new horror film, "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark," and the TV host challenged her to a game of Pictionary. Holmes and Fallon each teamed up with an audience member to decipher their sketches, but the actress's drawings came up short.

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For the first round, the 32-year-old star had to draw Harry Potter. She could have quickly jotted down a stick figure on a broomstick with a wizard hat, or even his famous lightning-bolt scar. Instead Holmes used her black marker to create what looked like a lampshade with a magic wand, and left her partner completely puzzled. Fallon fared no better though, as his attempt to draw Lady Gaga resembled a lady in a tornado and didn't earn a correct guess. If we'd had the chance we would have drawn her memorable hair bow and giant Alexander McQueen armadillo heels, but we suppose it's always easier in retrospect. Watch the clip below.

For the final round, Fallon and Holmes had to simultaneously draw an iPad, the world's hottest electronic device. While Holmes's sketch was more accurate, depicting the Apps on the large screen, Fallon's old school iPod drawing conjured up a correct answer, and his partner won the game. You can watch the second battle below. Better luck next time, Katie!

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