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Leaked vid shows possible “Playstation phone”

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Been wondering what's happening with Sony's PSP?

You're not the only one. Soundly outcompeted by rival Nintendo's DS, PSP sales
are thought to have been in steep decline for the past couple of years, and major game releases for the once-popular portable have slowed to a
trickle. Even last year's PSP Go hardware refresh couldn't rouse
consumer interest.

But this might.

Yup, it's what looks for all the world to be a real, live Playstation phone,
in the flesh. It has a slide-open design similar to the PSP Go, a D-pad
and button-layout consistent with the PSP family, runs the Android 2.3
operating system, and apparently carries the bad-ass codename  "Zeus."

Rumors of the existence of such a device have been circulating for years --
The Wall Street Journal even called it "the Loch Ness Monster of
consumer electronics devices" in a blog post this week.  All the same, they've definitely intensified in the past few months, and the last set of leaked information, released in October, appears to match this video pretty closely.

In a move that'll doubtless shock PSP fans, there's no official word from
Sony -- or, for that matter, from its Sony Ericsson joint venture that's
thought to be developing the device. But rumors have put the new
system's unveil date at December 9. Perhaps this monster's finally going
to show its face.


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