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Madden NFL 25 ‘Anniversary Edition’ comes with Sunday Ticket

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Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition (Credit: EA)

Madden, the go-to franchise for NFL fans, is upping its game.

EA has unveiled a limited ‘Anniversary Edition’ edition of the upcoming Madden NFL 25 that will come with a free Sunday Ticket subscription, letting owners not only play simulations of the entire NFL season, but watch it live, too, whether they're in-market or not.

The special version of the game, which is only available via Amazon, has been marked up to $100, but there is something of a caveat. The subscription included will only cover NFL Sunday Ticket on computers, tablets and mobile services.

If you're not a DirecTV customer, the game offers you a $10 monthly discount off the bill as well as a free year of NFL Sunday Ticket MAX. Fans who already subscribe to Sunday Ticket through their PlayStation 3? You're outta luck, it appears.

The game will also include a subscription to Madden Ultimate Team card packs, which come out each week of the season. Only 100,000 copies of the Anniversary Edition will be available (50,000 apiece on the Xbox 360 and PS3).

As the name implies, this is the 25th year of the Madden franchise for EA, and the publisher is planning to blow things out to help celebrate the milestone. Beloved Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders graces the game's cover, though it's also looking to ramp up the gameplay with improved defense and a new "switch assist" feature which makes it easier to change players on the fly.

The game is scheduled to hit store shelves on August 27, generally seen as the opening play of the holiday video game season.

Last year's installment set both Day One and Week One franchise sales records for HD consoles (that'd be the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3). In its first seven days, the game sold more than 1.65 million units. That was an 8 percent jump over the 2011 version.

In that same time period, the number of online matches soared, with more than 24 million games played out on the virtual gridiron.

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