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Magic meets mobile in innovative Nukotoys

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(Credit: Nukotoys)

What happens when you combine a collectible card game with a playful iPhone app? You get something like Nukotoys -- and your wallet may never forgive you.

Launching Tuesday, Nukotoys merge real-world playing cards with mobile gaming. Players pick up packs of trading cards (at about $2 - $4 a pop), download a free app or two, then simply touch a card to the screen of any iOS device and whammo, the character on the card is zapped into the game world. It's a bit reminiscent of what Activision does with its toy/game hybrid Skylanders, and we all know how big of a hit that turned out to be.

Nukotoys, however, isn't just targeting your kid's obsession over awesome action figures. The company hopes to bring an educational value to collectible card gaming by working with the likes of Animal Planet on the free Wildlands app, which teaches kids about animal behavior while letting them run around a 3D environment as lions and jaguars. The other free app launching today, Monsterology (based on the popular 'Ology' book franchise), aims to tickle kids' sense of fantasy by letting them summon monsters and duke it out in a sort of turn-based strategy affair.

Though it's made for kids, Nukotoys boasts some pretty advanced tech called Touchcode, which essentially turns printed items like cards and tickets into media readable by capacitive touchscreens (like, for instance, your iPad). There's an undeniable coolness in watching the screen 'read' the card, especially for kids.

At any rate, the real magic here is found in the games. Hopefully we'll see more from Nukotoys as we inch towards the holidays.

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