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Maine’s Warcraft candidate casts a victory spell

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(Credit: Colleen Lachowicz)

Don't mess with a gamer -- especially when you're playing politics.

Colleen Lachowicz, the Democratic candidate for State Senate District 25 in Maine, beat Republican opponent Thomas Martin to win the seat on Tuesday, despite Martin's attempts to characterize her as a lazy, obsessive gamer.

Last month, the otherwise unassuming race gained international attention when the Maine Republican Party set up a website detailing the adventures of Lachowicz's video game alter-ego: a Level 85 orc assassin in World of Warcraft.

According to Maine GOP communications director David Sorensen, Lachowicz was living a "time-consuming double life as a member of the World of Warcraft community" and was therefore unfit for public office.

"In Colleen's online fantasy world, she gets away with crude, vicious and violent comments," posted the Maine GOP on the anti-Lachowicz site. "Maine needs a State Senator that lives in the real world, not in Colleen's fantasy world."

Actually, it turns out Maine -- and a veritable Horde of Warcraft fans from around the world -- were just fine with Colleen's not-so-dirty habit.

Over $6,000 worth of donations poured into Lachowicz's campaign as a direct result of Sorensen's attack, prompting the GOP to file a complaint with the Maine Ethics Commission. The Commission found no wrongdoing and opted to not proceed with any sort of investigation.

Lachowicz, who wound up winning by about 1,000 votes, acknowledged her gamer support network by posting a link to the victory music from the role-playing game Final Fantasy IV on her official Facebook page.

Well played, Colleen. Well played.

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