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Man denied entry to Legoland because he didn’t bring a child

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John St. Onge (Courtesy Nicole St. Onge)

Every kid loves LEGO -- and plenty of adults do, too. But according to the rules of the Legoland Discovery Center, grown-ups aren’t allowed in without child supervision.

John St. Onge, a 63-year-old Lego fan from Windsor, Ontario, was introduced to this little known rule the hard way when he was denied admission to a Legoland Discovery Center.

St. Onge has been a LEGO enthusiast for nearly 30 years, having collected some 72 sets -- roughly 50,000 pieces -- since raising his kids on the beloved toys. Health issues have prevented him from traveling to Denmark to visit the glorious LEGO HQ, so when he learned that a Legoland was located just a few hours away in nearby Toronto, he and his daughter Nicole saved up some cash and drove over.

Unfortunately, they were turned away at the door when an employee told them they couldn’t get in without a kid.

"They wouldn't let us go in and so we asked to see a manager," Nicole told CTV News. "Five minutes later the employee came back and said the manager was too busy to see us, but that was their policy, we weren't allowed in without a child and there was nothing they could do about it."

The rule, which applies to all Legoland locations, is indeed on the Legoland online ticketing site, though it’s a bit hard to find. The St. Onge family didn’t see it at all.

"My dad is 63 years old, he was devastated,” Nicole added. “The look on his face was like a child not getting the gift at Christmas that they want. He felt discriminated against because he's a senior citizen who also happens to like LEGO," Nicole said.

Lara Hannaford, marketing manager at the Vaughan Mills Legoland, explained that the no child, no admittance policy exists because "it is a child attraction, so we do have this in place to protect the families and children that visit." She also pointed out that Legoland holds adults-only nights.

To Nicole, however, that’s missing the point.

“Lego’s for all ages,” she said. “I don’t have all the rules or all the answers, but sometimes some rules are made to be broken.”

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