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Man pop(cap)s the question with Peggle 2

Plugged In

Addictive, simple, classic, brilliant -- there are plenty of words out there that adequately describe EA’s devilishly fun Peggle games. Now, you can add ‘romantic’ to the list.

Just ask Shireen Kelly, who was the recent recipient of an awesome video game marriage proposal courtesy her boyfriend Rob Tolleson and the developers of Peggle, Popcap Games.

Rob, a 29 year-old web developer, wanted to include the game as part of his proposal, but when he reached out to Popcap, they pretty much ran with it.

“When I decided to propose to Shireen, I wanted to do something with Peggle because when Shireen and I first started dating six years ago, Peggle was something we really bonded over,” he said. “We loved playing the game together and we still do, taking turns while dinner cooks in the oven, for instance. So I contacted PopCap hoping that they might help me out by maybe sharing a tool or something that would let me make my own Peggle level for the PC.”

Instead, the developer flew the two from their Arkansas home to Popcap’s San Francisco offices, explaining that they had been selected from a random pool of Peggle players to beta test a pre-release build of Peggle 2.

That was all hooey, of course, but Shireen bought it. A few levels into the upcoming game, however, things got a little fishy.

“It was a simple, almost empty screen with just two pegs on it, one on the left labeled ‘No’ and one on the right labeled ‘Yes’,” she said. “I didn’t know what was going on and then that faded out and the screen said ‘Will you marry me?’ with a picture of Rob and my dog, Kahlua. And then, the next screen loads up and the pegs are laid out like a giant engagement ring with the Yes and the No peg on it and I got totally flustered. I had been waiting six years for this moment and when it came I was just floored.”

She eventually gathered herself enough to hit the ‘Yes’ peg, by the way. Congrats to the happy couple!

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