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The many Easter Eggs of Borderlands 2

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Regardless of whether or not you're a fan of Borderlands 2's over-the-top combat and loot gathering (we definitely are), you have to give the game credit for one thing: It refuses to take itself too seriously.

Not only do the game's characters spout hilarious lines as they mercilessly mock the player, enemies, and even gaming in general, but the game is loaded with winks and nods to an untold number of other pop-culture icons.

Exactly how many hidden bits are scattered throughout Borderlands 2 is still something of a mystery. Gearbox Software's not saying, though fans haveuncovered a fair share of the coolest secrets.

Here are a few of the more notable ones. (Warning: Major spoiler alert!)

It's on like…

…you know who. Even Nintendo's most famous ape makes an appearance in Borderlands 2. Well, sorta.

In the hill area of the Eridium Blight region, you'll battle plenty of Bullymongs and Rakts. If you're lucky, "Donkey Mong" will spawn there as well, throwing the barrels on his back at you. Take him down and you'll even get an achievement.

Minecraft mania

Gearbox Software, just like the rest of us, seems obsessed with Minecraft.  You'll find Minecraft dirt inside the Caustic Caverns. Use melee weapons on it until it breaks and you'll find Minecraft stone and coal. Keep digging and you'll have to deal with some rough Creepers, but you'll also pick up all sorts of loot -- including a Minecraft-inspired head skin for your character.

I'm Batman

Actually, the 'Dark Knight' goes by Rakkman in the game. Scooter, in the Arctic Fridge area, will assign you a side quest which leads you to an area called the "Rakk Cave." Enter it and you'll go toe to toe with an enemy who relies heavily on smoke bombs and boomerangs.

Double Rainbow? All the way.

The YouTube sensation makes its way into the game when you spot a small tend at the bottom of a cliff in The Highlands. Jump to the tent and Handsome Jack will recite the famous lines as the elusive double rainbow appears.

Teenage Mutant Ninja secret

Cowabunga! There's a level 14 quest called Splinter Group that asks you to kill four mutated escapees from the Wildife Exploitation Preserve. To get there, you'll need to pretend to be a pizza delivery man and access their sewer hideout. Their names? Lee, Ralph, Dan and Mick.

Highway to the Danger Zone

Top Gun maestro Kenny Loggins gets a shout-out in a mission that also pays homage to Se7en. You'll meet up with a character named "Loggins" who talks about the "danger zone" and sends you to Goose's Roost. Once there, you'll have to open a box, which will have Handsome Jack screaming the familiar Se7en line "What's in the box?"

Kotaku has a great list of even more easter eggs. What are you faves?

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