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Mass murderer sues jail for not getting a PlayStation

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Julian Knight is one of the most notorious criminals in Australia. And he might be about to become the country's most dangerous gamer.

In documents filed with Australia's Supreme Court (via Kotaku), Knight is suing the prison system because no one will let him have a PlayStation. Knight says he is being treated unfairly by prison officials with no rational justification.

In 1987, Knight murdered seven people and injured 19 more in the so-called Hoddle Street massacre. He's currently serving seven life sentences in Port Phillip Prison, just outside of Melbourne.

Knight has also been trying to get a computer in his cell for the past seven years. He wants the PC, he says, to study and prepare legal cases, including a bid to force the courts to give him a release date.

"I only have to walk around the prison and I can see with my own eyes who has a computer and who doesn't," he told the court via videolink. "I'm the only prisoner who has made applications to have a computer who has had it denied and denied repeatedly.''

Before he can begin the legal proceeding, Knight must first obtain court permission to file the suit. As part of that process, he must convince the court that his applications would not be doomed to fail. The case will resume next week.

Knight is not the first high profile Australian prisoner to demand a game system.

In 2011, serial killer Ivan Milat went on a nine-day hunger strike after his request for a PlayStation was refused.

Corrective Services Commissioner Ron Woodham called the request ludicrous at the time, adding "there's no inmate on my watch who would ever get anything close to a PlayStation, particularly Australia’s worst serial killer."

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