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Max Payne 3 shows signs of life

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Max's "Edge"-y cover

It's been a while since we've heard from Max Payne - that godawful
2008 Mark Wahlberg movie

There hasn't been a new game in the series for eight years.
And while Rockstar Games announced two years ago that a third installment was
on the way (and initially planned for a holiday 2009 release), the only time it
has mentioned the game since is to announce delays. Over the course of the past
week, though, the hype machine started to churn once again.

"He's coming," read the Tweet from the company, which attached two new screenshots with no warning. Then Max surprised us all by appearing on the cover
of the May issue of Edge Magazine.

Here's what we know about the game so far: Max has left the
NYPD to take a private security job in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The game won't be
played in chronological order, instead jumping through time periods like a
Christopher Nolan film. (That's why Max has a full head of hair and is in good
shape in some screenshots, but is bald and paunchy in others.)

It will, however, use the series' core features, such as
bullet-time, dual wielding of weapons and bullet-cam, as well as new ones,
including a cover feature that's not quite done. And series' fans will be happy
to hear that James McCafferty, the original voice of Max Payne, is back for the

Developers are hoping to create a cinematic experience, as
Rockstar has done with many of its recent titles, from GTA IV to the upcoming
L.A. Noire.

There's still no date being attached to the game (nor any
word about multiplayer), but the decision to ramp up marketing indicates that
Max Payne 3 could actually have the finish line in sight - or at least be
within the same zip code.

Rockstar's perfectionist qualities are being pointed to as
the cause for the delays, but some analysts had theorized that the lack of Max
Payne updates for the past couple of years have been a sign that work
was underway on a new Grand Theft Auto

Now that we're hearing more about Max, though, it's just a
matter of time before people start to worry about delays to the next
installment in Rockstar's flagship franchise.


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