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Meet the 85-year-old hardcore gamer

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Hilda Knott (Credit: BBC)

Still under the impression that video games are strictly for kids? Hilda Knott would like to have a word with you. And perhaps a game.

The 85-year-old British gamer has been mashing buttons for 40 years -- roughly the life of the video game industry – and is showing no signs of slowing down.

We’re not talking about just a bunch of boring PC card games, either. In a video interview with the BBC, Knott, who turns 86 next month, shows off her formidable gaming setup, including a sweet 65-inch HDTV and a brand new Playstation 3 Superslim. She discusses her love of Grand Theft Auto IV, which she had a “hilarious” time playing with her 94-year-old-aunt.

Knott acknowledges that her deep love of gaming has helped her stay mentally fit, because “a lot of them have puzzles, working out how to do something.”

She isn’t joking, either, as the video shows her playing the niche tactical role-playing game, Disgaea 4. That’s hardcore. This lady is a gamer, through and through.

And while many of her fellow octogenarians credit games like Wii Sports for keeping them physically active, Knott’s favorite part about playing video games will sound more familiar to the Halo crowd.

“Finding something new in the game,” she says. “Getting on to the next stage, or the next event. And the achievement of finishing it.”

With 40 years of gaming under her belt, we imagine she's finished quite a few. Hats off to you, Hilda!

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