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Meet the three stars of Grand Theft Auto V in explosive new trailer

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Rockstar Games takes its sweet time developing its games, and apparently that methodical process extends to its gameplay trailers, too. A full year after unveiling the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, on Wednesday the company finally released a new trailer for the open-world extravaganza.

And while it's a little thin on gameplay, it's chock full of everything else. Crank up the volume and behold your next video game obsession:

The trailer covers some recently announced ground by introducing us to the unlikely trio of playable lead characters: retired bank robber Michael, unstable druggie Trevor, and streetwise scam artist Franklin. It also shows off loads of vehicular insanity with several shots of planes, trains and automobiles...and bikes, and helicopters, and a boat, and hey was that a dog? Awesome!

The game is set to ship this coming spring.

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