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Plugged In

Michael Bay directs ‘Need for Speed: The Run’ trailer, everything explodes

Plugged In

Wish your racing game had rapid fire camera cuts, ridiculous crashes, massive explosions, and Christina Hendricks? EA feels the same way, which is why they hired Michael Bay to direct an epic trailer for their upcoming racer, Need for Speed: The Run.

Buckle up:


In case you missed the story amidst all the flipped cars, narrow escapes and helicopter rain guns, the game puts you in the unfortunate shoes of Jack, a guy who owes lots of money to some not-so-nice people. His plan? To nab $25 million by zipping across the country in a risky, illegal, Cannonball Run style race. The job market does suck, after all.

Need for Speed: The Run releases on November 15th.

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