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Mike Tyson plays ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!’ for the first time

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Tyson vs. Joe, Round 1 (Credit: Mike Tyson)

Mike Tyson used to mash opponents. Now he’s mashing buttons.

A few months after dominating James ‘Bonecrusher’ Smith to unify the heavyweight title in 1987, Iron Mike starred in the beloved NES version of Nintendo’s boxing game Punch Out!!, which cranked the champ’s legendary speed and power up to 11. Beating Tyson has become a badge of honor for gamers, who can usually breeze through the game’s other oddball characters before getting stymied by the Baddest Video Game Boss on the Planet.

Amazingly, however, Tyson himself never actually played the game…until now.

While kicking back in the green room prior to an appearance on FOX Sports 1’s Fox Sports Live, Tyson finally caved and gave his old game a workout. And it didn’t go especially well.

Warning: Video contains some graphic language.

To be fair, Tyson clearly has no idea how to play (“My guy’s not moving!”), which explains why he struggled mightily to topple the game’s first opponent, the aptly-named Glass Joe. You’re not supposed to struggle against Glass Joe. His name is GLASS JOE.

But after finding his rhythm -- and taunting Joe mercilessly -- Tyson eventually did what he does best by chomping ears nurturing pigeons beating the chump senseless:

Maybe he’ll take on Battletoads next?

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