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Mob boss arrested while playing Godfather game

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Mob rules.

Leave the game. Take the cannoli.

Such advice might have come in handy last weekend for notorious Mafioso Gerlandino Messina. Considered Sicily's number-two made man, Messina was apparently too busy playing The Godfather video game on his Xbox to notice that police were apprehending him, reports The Epoch Times.

At the time of his arrest, the 38-year-old was one of Italy's most wanted criminals. He had been on the run since 1999 for "mafia-type association and several murders" -- and we're not talking about his antics on screen.

Released in 2006, The Godfather video game let players experience key moments from the first film, culminating in becoming the head of New York operations for the Corleone family. Police said that over the 11 years spent tracking Messina, they consistently found video games -- including The Godfather title -- in his various hideouts. Apparently, he never heard of the PSP.

Messina's arrest comes as part of a recent government crackdown on criminals that has netted 28 of the country's top 30 most dangerous fugitives.

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