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Is this the most annoying gun in video game history?

Plugged In

Borderlands 2 is an awesome game. It's well-written, smartly designed, and features more ridiculous, laugh out loud moments than you'll find in any other game released this year.

But I'm not sure if a gun that wildly screams gibberish every time you pull the trigger qualifies as hilarious or awful. Maybe something in between. Hilariawful? You make the call after checking out Hyperion's Bane:

Yeah. In addition to screaming out "Swappin' Weapons!" every time you, uh, swap weapons, the gun bleats out a noise so irritating every time you pull the trigger, the game captions it "Annoying Sound." Even more annoying? You can't effectively sprint while holding it, so you can't run away from people trying to rage shoot you for using the thing.

The flipside? It's actually a pretty sweet weapon, boasting high accuracy and damage rates. In case you'd like to give it an annoying shot yourself, Hyperion's Energizing Bane is found in the town of Lynchwood as part of a quest called "The Bane." Consider yourself warned.

Via PC Gamer

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