Plugged In

Most Valuable Action Figures

Plugged In

Playthings no more.

How many Star Wars figures did you have when you were a kid? How many G.I. Joes? How many Barbies?

If you grew up in just about any Western country in the last sixty years, the answer to at least one of those questions is a sharp intake of breath, a few moments of thought, and an "I don't know. Lots?"

You probably threw them away when you grew up, but you're about to wish you hadn't. Yesterday's popular toy is today's collectors' item. Some of the action figures you loved as a child are now sought-after rarities with enormous pricetags. Who knows which of these four-, five-, and even six-figure toys lurks in your attic? Probably none of them. But hey, maybe it's your lucky day. Read on and find out.


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