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Move over, Madden: NBA 2K14 is the best-selling next-gen sports game

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NBA 2K14

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NBA 2K14 (Next-gen)

Football might rule the TV ratings roost, but when it comes to next-gen gaming, the NBA owns the court.

As part of their report on November video game sales, The NPD Group has pegged NBA 2K14 as the best-selling sports game on the Xbox One and PS4 -- the first time an NBA game has outperformed other sports during a console’s launch.

"Earlier this year we promised that NBA 2K14 would be our biggest and best NBA 2K experience yet, and today we’re thrilled to see fans agree, as NBA 2K14 is now the #1 selling sports game on next-gen consoles,” said Jason Argent, SVP of Basketball Operations for 2K.

Not that it’s shocking, exactly. NBA 2K14 is one of the highest-rated next-gen games (scoring 85 and 87 on Metacritic), due in part to developer 2K Sports actually building an entirely new game -- complete with new modes and a new engine -- rather than just port over the PS3/Xbox 360 version. Madden 25, the sports game most folks expected would lead the next-gen pack, was largely considered just a graphical upgrade over the current-gen game, though the franchise still managed to place fourth overall across all platforms in November game sales.

NBA 2K14’s next-gen sales were also undoubtedly helped by EA’s dismal NBA Live 14, which stunk so bad, EA actually apologized for it.

2K's b-ball game isn't the only next-gen sports success story. EA's FIFA 14 soccer game is also a hit with critics, though it only managed 10th place in sales last month.

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