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Nielsen: Everyone hates 3D glasses

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3D glasses -- bad

Gaming companies like Sony are hoping 3D gaming will get consumers
excited, but according to the Nielsen Company -- and they ought to know
-- the inconvenience of wearing dorky 3D glasses is putting people off
buying 3D televisions altogether.

One quarter of consumers are interested in buying 3D TVs, Nielsen
found, but that number drops to 12% once those queried had the chance to
actually try out the hardware for themselves. The majority were
impressed with the 3D visuals, but fully half of the group complained
that the glasses were uncomfortable or inconvenient to wear.

That’s not the worst of it, though: a whopping 89% of Nielsen’s
guinea-pigs were aggravated at not being able to do anything else while
wearing the glasses, and a number were annoyed that glasses from one
manufacturer won’t necessarily work with TVs from another.

So, consumers like the 3D visuals, but hate the glasses? Sounds like a
portable console with no-glasses-required 3D screens is in order -- and
fortunately that's exactly what we’re going to get courtesy of Nintendo
and its upcoming Nintendo 3DS. We’re expecting to hear more about the
3DS -- including pricing and launch date details -- at the Tokyo Game
Show later this month.

Via USA Today.

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