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Nintendo cuts Wii price to $150

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Wii - Nintendo

With a new console set to be released next year, Nintendo has cut the price of the Wii.

Beginning May 15, the system will drop from $200 to $150 and will come bundled with hit title Mario Kart along with the Wii racing wheel
peripheral. At the same time, the company plans to launch a 'greatest hits' line of games -- called Nintendo Selects -- that will cost $20 instead of the usual $50.

The move is hardly a surprise, but that doesn't make it any less welcome. Rumors of a May price cut have been floating around for a couple weeks. In March, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime had hinted that the company had an imminent price cut looming, telling Yahoo! Games "We're still sitting at $199. There are a variety of
marketing tools at our disposal."

The combination of a price cut and a lauded pack-in title like Mario Kart could certainly goose fence sitters, but it marks the end of an era. For the first time since the system's launch, Wii Sports will not be included with the standard Wii. Since the game's launch
in 2006, it has sold nearly 48 million copies, largely due to its inclusion with the system.

That makes it the biggest selling game of all time. As you might expect, Wii Sports
will be one of the first games in the Nintendo Selects lineup. Other titles
will include The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Animal Crossing: City Folk
and Mario Super Sluggers.

Nintendo hopes the move will revitalize the system's sales, which have been steadily declining over the past several months. But with a new console due out in 2012 (it will be unveiled for the first time at the E3 convention next month), it could prove too little, too

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Nintendo was the first of the console makers to cut prices this year, but it likely won't be the last. Sony, reeling from the bad PR surrounding the recent data breach that resulted in the personal information for over 100 million accounts being stolen, will likely cut the PS3's price by $50 before fall. And Microsoft is expected to lower the Xbox 360 by the same amount as well.


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