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Nintendo fan lines up for Wii U a month early

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Isaiah Triforce Johnson with Nintendo president Reggie Films-Aime (Credit: Nintendo)

Still on the fence about buying a Wii U? One dedicated fan would like you to hop off and join him. Seriously, he's probably pretty lonely right now.

That's because Isaiah Triforce Johnson is currently the only person waiting in line for a Wii U at the Nintendo World Store in New York. A sign that the Wii U is destined to fail? Considering the system doesn't release until November 18, it's more likely a sign that Isaiah Johnson is nuts about Nintendo.

Which, in fact, he is. Johnson, who legally added the 'Triforce' to his name back in 1998 to honor the powerful artifact from The Legend of Zelda series, was the first person in America to purchase a Wii back in 2006 and the first person to buy a 3DS in March of 2011. Triforce is just going for the trifecta.

"To make sure that I'll be the 1st in the world to get the Nintendo Wii U, I'm starting the line a month in advance," he tweeted on Monday.

Johnson wears his passion for Nintendo on his sleeve -- or more specifically, his right hand, which is nearly always gripping a Nintendo Power Glove. The die-hard gamer even holds a Guinness World record for attending the most "midnight madness" launch events.

Whether or not Johnson's excitement over the console will be mirrored by an increasingly fickle game audience has yet to be determined. Analysts have been going back and forth on the Wii U since Nintendo revealed its curious pricing structure in September. The system comes in two flavors: a Basic model goes for $300, while a Deluxe model, which packs a bigger hard drive and a copy of the game Nintendoland, will retail for $350.

The debut of the next gaming generation (upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft have yet to be formally detailed) is expected to spur strong initial sales -- it's the only new system launching this holiday -- but some are unconvinced it will enjoy anywhere near the success of the Wii.

"I'm very comfortable it will sell out over six months," analyst Michael Pachter told Now Gamer earlier this month. "But once they satisfy the hardcore Nintendo fans I don't think the masses are going to respond to it as eagerly as they did with the Wii, so I don't think the Wii U will sell anywhere near what the Wii sold."

Well, we know they'll sell at least one.

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