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Nintendo reports loss, DS and Wii sales down

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Nintendown, but not out

They might have the
best-selling home console and best-selling game handheld under their roof, but
even Nintendo can have a bad spell.

That's one way to
describe the company's most recent earnings report. Nintendo got slammed in the
six months ending September 30th, with overall sales plummeting roughly 33% --
or over $2.5 billion -- compared to 2009's numbers. It's the company's first
six-month loss in a whopping seven years.

Part of that has todo with a stronger-than-usual yen, but shrinking sales of both the Wii and DS certainly didn't help. DS sales dropped in a big way, from nearly 12 million in
2009 to just over half of that at 6.7 million. The Wii suffered a much smaller
drop, falling from 5.75 million to 4.97 million.

Nintendo blames the losses on a lack of software.

"Overall, a limited number of software titles drove hardware sales and as a result, sales
in both hardware and software decreased compared to the six months ended
September last fiscal year," the company said.

The company also fingered the delay of their upcoming 3DS handheld as a reason for flat sales. Once thought to be released in time for the holiday rush, the 3D-enabled device
is now expected to arrive in Japan in late February 2011 and in the U.S. a
month later.

It's not all doom and gloom, however. Several Nintendo games -- Pokemon: Black & White, Wii Party and Super Mario Galaxy 2 -- all sold well over one million units
worldwide over the period.

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