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Nintendo trims DS price

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Nintendo DS - Nintendo

Thinking of buying a new Nintendo DS?

The chances are pretty good -- it’s the most popular handheld
platform ever made, and despite the fact that there’s some 50 million
of them already in the hands of American consumers, it’s still a
fixture at the top of the hardware sales chart.

But if you’re thinking of buying one this week -- and you like money
-- we suggest you hold on for a few more days, because price cuts are
coming. Beginning September 12, both the DSi and its larger cousin, the
DSi XL, will drop $20 to $149.99 and $169.99, respectively.

It’s a great deal on one of this decade’s greatest gaming success
stories, but if you’re the type to want the latest and greatest
hardware, you might want to hold on even longer than a few more days.
Nintendo’s new DS iteration, the 3DS -- which uses innovative screen
technology to deliver real 3D graphics without the need for silly
glasses -- is expected to hit U.S. streets before next April.

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