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No marketing? No problem: Minecraft passes million mark

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Minecraft: over one million served

Not every game has what it takes to rack up over a million sales.

In fact, only just over a hundred PC games have managed it in the whole history of ever, according to renowned fountain of knowledge Wikipedia. And while the vast majority of them had the benefit of little things
like a publisher, advertising and retail distribution, the newest entry
on the list, Minecraft, is in large part the work of just one man -- and
it's not even finished yet.

Minecraft, a sandbox-style building game, was propelled past the million mark this
week by, as far as anyone can tell, nothing more than word-of-mouth
marketing and good, ol'fashioned gameplay. Selling direct to consumers
at prices around $10-$15 a copy, developer Markus ("Notch") Persson has
been able to quit his day job and turn what began as a part-time hobby
project into a full-time gig -- and a fledgling game company.

He's still working on Minecraft, although he's hired a few extra staff.
Officially reaching "beta" status last month, his project has already
earned an impressive collection of awards in 2010, and it's up for
several more at this year's Independent Games Festival in March.

If that's enough to make you curious, you can download a free, older version of the game on its official site.


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