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Online retailer mistakes ‘Madden’ for ‘Mass Effect’

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Mass Effect, Madden. Tomato, To-mah-to.

Some customers of online retailer Newegg got a rather unwelcome surprise earlier this week, when a screw-up by the company resulted in them getting a copy of the six-month-old 'Madden NFL 12' instead of the brand new 'Mass Effect 3' they were expecting.

A Kotaku reader alerted the site to the mix-up, forwarding a note the company sent out to what was no doubt a confused -- and somewhat ticked off -- customer base.

The company vowed to reach out to customers who pre-ordered the game via the phone number supplied on each order to arrange for a replacement copy to be shipped. But in an "adding insult to injury" move, Newegg's making players send those Madden copies back.

"The [company] will also arrange an RMA with a prepaid return shipping label," said the note. "Please note that when arranging advanced returns, we do require a credit card number to be on file in the event the originally-shipped product is not returned."

Call us crazy, but when a company screws up something as basic as shipping copies of a brand new blockbuster release, you think they'd throw those affected a bone and let them keep the copies of Madden as a make-good, regardless of the financial impact that might have.

Newegg is offering to overnight the new copies of Mass Effect 3 at no additional cost to affected users, at least.

Newegg might not be as popular a retailer as GameStop or WalMart, but when it comes to Mass Effect 3, the company has turned some heads. Within hours of the game going on sale, Newegg slashed the price by $10 to capitalize on the high user interest (maybe because they were actually sending out copies of a six-month-old football game instead).

Though this is the first we've heard of a retailer shipping the wrong game entirely to a widespread group, other retailers have a history of some notable missteps when it comes to video games.

Last year, for instance, Kmart got into some hot water with Activision for putting Modern Warfare 3 on sale five days before the rest of the world. The flub led to a bidding frenzy on eBay and confusion over whether playing an early copy of the game would result in the suspension of user accounts.

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