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Oprah wants to thank you for playing her new Facebook game

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Oprah Winfrey (Getty Images)

Plenty of celebrities have lent their name or talents to video games, but few seem as odd a fit as Oprah Winfrey.

Nevertheless, the talk show queen and media maven has teamed with Jane McGonigal, the leader in the 'gamification' movement, to create Oprah's Thank You Game, a Facebook game that lets players, well, thank people.


The game, a collaboration between McGonigal's SuperBetter Labs studio and the Oprah Winfrey Network, aims to "[spread] the positive emotion of gratitude to half a billion people worldwide."

And while the game just launched, never underestimate the drawing power of Oprah. To date, nearly 1.4 million people have already checked in.

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It's as much a social experiment as it is a game. The goal is to express your gratitude to someone in the real world, then check in on Facebook to let the world know you did so. From there, you'll watch your 'thank you' spread to different parts of the world via a map that showcases the density of thank yous.

The game relies on people's good nature to work, though. There's no policing and it's easy to lie and say you did thank someone when you haven't. Of course, there's really not a lot of point in that — even for the most hardcore of Internet trolls.

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The goal of the game, says Winfrey, is to thank everyone in the U.S., then Canada, then…well, the rest of the world. If the bees don't get them first, that is.

"Join me, together we are going to see how one thank you can change the world," Oprah said in a video promoting the game.

"Gratitude doesn't just feel good," she added. "When you come from a place of thanks, you see the world anew. Gratitude even changes your brain, so you're better able to see the good in other people."

Thanks for the tip, Oprah!

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