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Do you find this optical illusion moving?

Plugged In

Keep Your Grip

PURPLE NURPLE: This purple swirl seems to move eerily, but it's actually a static image.  As with other illusions of this type, the motion seems greatest in your peripheral vision.

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Purple Nurple

COUNT THE INVISIBLE BEARS: This fellow may appear to be all alone, but he's on the run from wild animals.  Can you guess how many creatures are hidden in the landscape?


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DALI!: Here's a clever art installation created by Salvador Dali.  From this angle it's hard to tell what you're looking at.

Dali 1

Click here to see Dali's portrait from its proper perspective >>

DESKTOP DELUSION: This simple sketch seems somehow to jump off the page.  It's drawn in forced perspective, giving it the appearance of a three-dimensional object when viewed from this angle.

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Newton's Cradle

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(All images courtesy of Mighty Optical Illusions.)


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