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It’s Pac-Man, the Musical

Plugged In

By Claudine Zap, Yahoo! Buzz Log

There's Pac-Man the video game. Pac-Man the TV show. And now, some clever folks bring you Pac-Man the musical.

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For those who are fuzzy on the top-selling arcade game of all time: Pac-Man is a little yellow circle with a big mouth whose sole purpose in life is to roam a maze and chomp on the multiple Pac-dots that lie ahead of him. The hungry yellow guy is menaced by evil ghosts along the way, who try to kill Pac-Man before he can finish eating all the dots.

Sounds dramatic, right? Well, all the drama is brought to deliciously animated life in song form done in eye-popping Claymation.

The excerpt shown in the video clip is "A Pacapella Song," written by AJ Pinkerton. The silly song stars the ghosts, little brightly colored blobs, who have Pac-Man on the ropes. They sing that they are going to eat him: They will roast him, grill him, bake him, cake him.

As the gaming blog Kotaku points out, the singing version takes poetic license: In the video game, Pac-Man eats the ghosts, and the ghosts can't do much more than knock him down with their ectoplasm.

And, spoiler alert: Just when it looks like Pac-Man will served up for supper, a power pill appears. Pac-Man munches it and saves himself. All's well that ends well.

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