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Paul McCartney writing music for Bungie’s new game

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Paul McCartney (Credit: Getty Images)

The latest stop in the long and winding career of Sir Paul McCartney is one that no one saw coming.

The legendary musician has announced he's presently working with game developer Bungie on an unannounced project, which is widely expected to be the company's new game (currently codenamed Destiny).

"'I'm really excited to be working on writing music with @bungie, the studio that made Halo.' — Paul," he announced via his verified Twitter feed. That post came along with a picture of McCartney working with Marty O'Donnell, Bungie's resident composer and the architect of the familiar Halo theme.

McCartney first teased he was working on music for a video game back in January in an interview with German's Die Zeit. Many felt, at the time, that it might be a new sort of music game, given McCartney's involvement with The Beatles: Rock Band.

McCartney says he doesn't play video games, in large part because of his busy schedule, but he recognizes them as a "fascinating market."

"A new video game these days sells so much better than a new CD," he said. "And you reach a different audience. Probably … for many young people, the first time [they will hear] my music is in a video game."

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It's not like Sir Paul needs the work. He has 60 gold records, sales of over 100 million albums and 100 million singles and Guinness World Records has labeled him the "most successful composer and recording artist of all time." But his work with Bungie raises more questions than anything else.

If he is working on Destiny, is the pop nature of his composing style an indication that the game will be different than what many are expecting? O'Donnell's sweeping, melodramatic themes, after all, set the tone for the Halo universe. Will Destiny blend sci-fi and "Silly Love Songs"? Probably not, but the game could see music less of an orchestral nature than what we're used to from Bungie.

On the other hand, McCartney might not be composing or writing anything with Bungie, but strictly acting in an advisory capacity. It will likely be sometime next year before we find out.

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