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Penelope Cruz loses bet, does bizarre Mario impersonation in new ad

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(Credit: Nintendo)

Move over, Bob Hoskins -- there's a new Mario in town.

Or at least there is in a new Nintendo ad making the rounds. Starring Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz, her equally attractive sister Monica, and the tech-sexy 3DS XL, it's the prettiest take on the portly plumber yet.

Lounging poolside in what must be an eleventy billion-dollar estate, the Cruz sisters make a friendly bet during a multi-player session of New Super Mario Bros. 2. Penelope loses, but the rest of us win:

Mama mia.

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Cruz hasn't dabbled much in video games before, but considering how busy the A-lister has been over the past several years (she's appeared in eight films since 2009), who can blame her? While she doesn't make a particularly convincing Italian plumber, she's currently turning heads in Woody Allen's "To Rome With Love" — minus the moustache, thankfully.

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