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PETA pokes Pokémon over animal rights

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Pokemon Black And Blue (Credit: PETA)

Gotta free 'em all! At least if PETA has anything to say about it.

The controversial animal rights group is at it again, this time taking aim at Nintendo's Pokemon franchise. PETA has countered the newly released Pokémon Black/White Version 2 with a parody game called Pokémon Black And Blue, which depicts the collectible critters as abused animals who have been severely mistreated by their handlers.

According to PETA, the game "will give kids a chance to help Pikachu and his Pokémon pals fight their cruel oppressors and gain their freedom. PETA's Pokémon Black and Blue makes it clear that Pokémon and other nonhuman species are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment."

In the browser-based game, players use battered Pokemon to take down the trainers. Along the way they advocate for their own well-being and even link out to videos designed to highlight the horrors of animal abuse.

"Games such as Pokémon send kids the wrong message that exploiting and abusing those who are defenseless is acceptable when it's not," says PETA Director of Marketing Innovations Joel Bartlett.

Come on, Joel. Pokemon are anything but defenseless. Also, they are not real.

But going after fictitious video game characters is old hat for PETA. In 2008 they went after Cooking Mama for not being a vegetarian, followed in 2010 by a scathing critique of the indie hit Super Meat Boy, which they transformed into the vegan-friendly Super Tofu Boy.  Nintendo, however, seems to really drive them mad. Just last year PETA  hammered at gaming icon Mario for wearing a raccoon-like Tanooki suit in Super Mario 3D Land.

Nintendo has yet to comment on the matter.

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