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Phones with Flappy Bird command premium on eBay

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Now that Flappy Bird has flown the coop, some smart eggs are trying to capitalize on the mega-popular app’s disappearance.

Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen yanked the game from the Apple and Google app stores Sunday. And now that the game is no longer available, some owners are auctioning off their phones with copies of the game installed on them.

So far, not a lot of people are rushing to buy a phone just to get the game. Most of the auctions have zero or one bid -- likely due to some of the insane prices some sellers are asking. Several are demanding $1,000, $2,000 or even $5,000. One particularly crazy iPad owner is asking $60,000 for his tablet and a copy of the game.

Some of the auctions are raising buyer interest, though. An AT&T iPhone 5 with the game has received 4 bids, totaling $310, with 10 hours left in the auction. And another has seen 15 bids take the price to $13,099, a figure that seems unlikely to stand at the end of the auction.

The auction frenzy is a natural offshoot of any landmark event in the gaming world. What's still confusing is exactly what led Nguyen to remove his hit game from public availability in the first place.

On Saturday, he simply tweeted "I cannot take this anymore," a vague statement that could be aimed at any number of things. He later added that the decision "is not anything related to legal issues."

That last statement was likely aimed at critics who pointed out the similarities between the game's green pipes and the warp pipes commonly found in Nintendo's Mario franchise.

Nintendo, for its part, backed up Nguyen's statement. A company spokesperson told Yahoo Games that "We can confirm that Nintendo did not contact the creator of this game. We also did not seek its removal from the marketplace."

Nguyen has not tweeted or made any further statements since the announcement.

Meanwhile, the eBay listings keep coming - and while the majority are ending without a sale, there have actually been a few takers. One buyer seems to have paid $2,500 in a Buy It Now Auction. Another, using the same listing method, sold for $850. And one individual may have gotten $7,100 for his iPod.

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