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Plugged In

When pigs fly: Angry Birds enemies get their own game

Plugged In

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Bad Piggies (Credit: Rovio)

The archenemies of the Angry Birds are about to steal more than eggs.

They're stealing the spotlight.

Rovio, creator of the massive bird-flinging franchise, has announced that its next game will be Bad Piggies, featuring the porcine antagonists in a new style of gameplay -- one that will be entirely slingshot-free.

"There's a lot of empathy towards the lovable enemies from the Angry Birds games, and we've been constantly asked: what about the pigs' side of the story?" said Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio. "Bad Piggies gives you the chance to play as the second-most-loved characters in the Angry Birds universe, and explore this rich world through their green eyes."

The game is set to launch on Sept. 27 on iOS and Android devices. Versions for Windows Phone and the PC will follow soon after.

So far, exactly what you'll be doing with those pigs is still a state secret at Rovio. There's a teaser site, which is basically useless. Even the amusing announcement trailer is bereft of meaningful details:

Rovio has become a case study in how to extend a single successful game into a global phenomenon. The Angry Birds franchise has been downloaded over 1 billion times, with the most recent installment, Angry Birds Space, chalking up 50 million downloads in just 35 days.

At the same time, it has become a pop culture phenomenon. There are Angry Birds shirts, hats and backpacks. The franchise is now being incorporated into playground equipment, and last year the developer signed a deal with Marvel Studios for an Angry Birds feature film.

So it really only makes sense that the pigs, who have been stuck playing second fiddle for so long, would get their time in the sun.

"There's so much more to these pigs than what is seen in the Angry Birds games," said Petri Järvilehto, EVP Games at Rovio.

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