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Pitch a perfect game in MLB 2K11, win a cool million

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MLB 2K11 - 2K Sports

It isn't easy to pitch a perfect game, but when $1 million is on the line, it's not hard to try.

2K Sports has announced the return of last year's epic Perfect Game Challenge, which will award $1 million to the first player able to
throw a verified perfect game in the upcoming MLB 2K11 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Unlike last year, younger gamers can now vie for a shot at
the prize, as the age restriction has been lowered from 18 to 13 and up. Give
partial credit to cover athlete (and perfect game tosser) Roy Halladay for

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"When we signed him for the cover this year, he said,
"Oh man, my kid was going after the million dollars last year, but he
didn't know he wasn't old enough to win"," Jason Argent, VP of
marketing for 2K Sports, told Y! Games.

The other notable change is that the challenge will start on
April 1, which coincides with MLB's Opening Day. It's also a good three weeks
after the game's March 8 launch date, giving players some time to get used to
the refined pitch controls.

If history is any indication, it won't take long for someone to nab the prize. Wade McGilberry, then 24, won last year's contest by hurling a perfect game -- that's zero hits, runs or walks -- on the very first day of competition.

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