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‘Planet Michael’ turns pop icon’s life into online game world

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Planet Michael

The King of Pop might no longer be with us, but his legacy is about to find a new home in the form of an online game.

SEE Virtual Worlds and the Michael Jackson Estate have announced 'Planet Michael', a virtual online world based on the music, vision and concerns of the late star. It's set to launch in late 2011.

More Second Life than World of Warcraft, the new massively-multiplayer title will let players explore virtual "continents" celebrating Jackson's life while interacting with one
another through "collaborative in-game activities." 'Planet Michael' will be free-to-play and without ongoing subscription costs, but will feature some sort of monetary component that will let players buy and trade virtual goods.

"In building a space worthy of those global connections, we envisioned a magical, enjoyable place that will capture that zest for fun and life that was at Michael's very core," said Martin Biallas, CEO of SEE Virtual Worlds. "Throughout his extensive career, the King of Pop was well-known for his visionary contributions to music, dance, fashion, entertainment and philanthropy, and it was critical that we somehow incorporate all of those elements into the game."

It's not the only Michael game in the works. Publisher Ubisoft will release the dance title Michael Jackson: The Experience this November, letting players shake their stuff to a collection of his hits.

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