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Playing Social Games on Yahoo!

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Did you know that Yahoo! now offers -- in addition to downloadable casual
games, free-to-play browser titles, and multiplayer parlor classics --
a selection of class-leading social games? New for 2011, we're really excited to launch our social games hub -- but you've probably got
questions about how they work. Fear not: we'll take you through logging
into a game, connecting it with your Yahoo! account, and most
importantly of all, connecting with your friends.

Ready to get started? Head for our social games hub, at, and get ready for your first real social-games-related decision, because it's a biggy.

1. And that's, "Which game do you want to play?" Our triple-A,
maximum-polish, top tier offerings are Fishville and Mafia Wars, which
we'll be concentrating on for this tutorial, but we have plenty more.
Once you're settled, click the link (or the pretty artwork, that'll work

2. You'll need to sign in with your Yahoo! account, if you haven't already
done so. We're guessing that's probably second nature, but if you do
need assistance creating one (or recovering a lost password, shame on
you) you'll find helpful links on the sign-in page too.

3. Next up: the obligatory "do you really want to do this?" page. You also
might want to take this opportunity to read through the list of the
personal information you're sharing with the game. Yahoo!'s social games
-- like other social games -- need to know who you are in order to
work, and so we're up front with the details. Once you're done reading
(and it won't take long), hit the "Allow" button at the bottom, and we'll
get to the fun.

4. But one of the first things you'll find is that social games aren't
much fun if you don't have friends. Let's fix that. Head down to one of
the "Add friend" buttons at the bottom of the screen (if you're playing
Fishville) or click the "My Mafia" button towards the top-left, if
you're playing Mafia Wars. You'll see a list of your existing Yahoo!

5. ...if you have any, that is. Maybe you don't. Maybe you're the shy,
retiring type. That's fine. We're not here to judge. So if you're
feeling lonely, roll over to Yahoo! Pulse,
You'll see your existing connections in the center, a list of suggested
contacts on the right, and a handy "Find People" link at the
top that'll help you locate specific pals. If those aren't producing the desired results, try choosing "Contacts" on the left, then "Suggestions" from the top navbar that appears. You should get some more ideas from that list -- and there's a toolkit at the bottom that'll let you import your contacts from your email account, too. So get adding! Your friends will
have to accept your invite, but once they've done that you're ready to

6. Back to the game. If you've added new friends, and they've accepted
you, you should be seeing them in your in-game "Add Friends" list now.
Click a name (or several names), click "Send Invitation," and once they
accept they'll be added to your aquarium's neighbors, or your Mafia, or
whatever else you have going on.

7. What? Still here? Not off scrubbing aquariums, or hiring thugs, or
doing whatever else it is your social games have you doing? Maybe you're
in need of a few extra contacts to get your social gaming off to a good
start -- and if that's the case, we cordially invite you to post a
message to that effect in the comments below. Have fun!


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