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Poll Vault: ‘Angry Birds’ is your favorite mobile game

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Angry Birds (Rovio)

Besides providing proof positive that fans of all kinds love to play mobile games, last week's Yahoo! Games poll -- "What's your favorite mobile game ever?" -- made one thing abundantly clear:

You like to break stuff.

Flying high above the pack, mobile sensation Angry Birds took home a ridiculously impressive 66% (16,819) of the votes, trouncing the competition the way only a flock of overly aggressive fowl with a passion for wiping out swine can.

Many of you, however, prefer spelling words to slinging birds. "Words with Friends" raked in 21% (5,353) of the votes to take second place.  And not to worry, we only counted Alec Baldwin's vote once.

Action hits Jetpack Joyride (1,678) and Infinity Blade (1,641) pulled in a mere 6% of the vote each, but that was hardly the bottom of the barrel. As if confirming that it actually is the best game of 2010 that you never played, poor little Osmos barely made a blip with 1% (36).

These five games are only the tip of the mobile gaming iceberg, however. What are you favorite mobile games? Tell us in the comments, or ring in on Facebook!

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