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Poll Vault: ‘Angry Birds Space’ is your favorite game app

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Big things sometimes come in small packages.

Last week's poll shined its spotlight on the world of mobile gaming, asking readers to pick their favorite game app. Considering the sheer quantity of addictive apps out there, suffice to say it was a tough choice.

But one game flew away with the crown.

Angry Birds Space is the king of the coop with 36% (7,463) of your votes. Currently sailing through the upper atmosphere with over 10 million downloads and counting, it appears nothing can stop these aggressive fliers.

Though artsy smash Draw Something comes pretty close with 29% (5,954) of the votes. Seeing as how everyone who's ever had a Picasso-like itch to create great art is playing it these days, we're not surprised this art studio on the go placed so high.

In third with 19% (4,003), Words with Friends makes a great case for clemency in Alec Baldwin's now epic rant. Rounding out the bottom of our list are Jetpack Joyride with 9% (1716), and, most surprisingly, the critically-acclaimed Infinity Blade 2, which only managed to nab 7% (1,529) of the votes. With Joyride hailed as one of the finest iOS games ever made and Infinity Blade 2 boasting console-quality graphics, we're a little surprised they didn't score higher.

With a world of apps floating around out there, what are some of your favorites? Please let us know in the comments!

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