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Poll Vault: Donkey Kong is gaming’s greatest anti-hero

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Sometimes to get the job done, you've got to get your hands dirty.

Last week's Yahoo! Games poll -- "Who is the greatest video game anti-hero?" -- asked you to choose the unsavory do-gooder you'd want watching your back.

With 39% (18,164) of your votes, the baddest good guy in gaming is Donkey Kong.  The elder statesman (statesape?) certainly earns his place atop the heap with longest, most illustrious career out of the entire field.

Straight down from Olympus with a strong second place finish is the God of War himself, Kratos, who snagged 27% (12,716) of your votes.  Mario nemesis Wario managed 10% (4,558), good enough for third place and another feather in Nintendo's character cap.

Both Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV and Starkiller from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed scored 9% of the votes, but Niko took home fourth with a slight edge in the overall numbers, 4,260 to 4,031. And waiting to put a hit on the winners is Agent 47 from Hitman with a mere 7% (3,333) of your votes.  Even though he came in last, we certainly don't want to be the ones to tell him.

What are some of your favorite anti-heroes?  Let us know in the comments.

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