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Poll Vault: What’s your favorite sci-fi video game franchise?

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And the winner is...?

Fantastic journeys through space and time were once solely the domain of TV and film, but in this day and age you're more likely to find the latest otherworldly epic on your favorite gaming console or PC instead.

Space ships, ship battles and hyper-drives, oh my!

Curious as to just which of these franchises tickles your collective warp-coiled fancies, we aimed in last week's poll to get to the bottom of the oldest question in the universe.

Who will save us?  The one and only Master Chief, of course.

No doubt with a little help from cute-as-a-digital-button Cortana, the Halo franchise took a plasma-powered weapon to the invading Horde and won last week's poll with 43% (18696) —  pretty close to half the votes.

Not bad for a guy whose face we've never seen.

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Powering down to impulse engines is Mass Effect 3 with 19% (8082).  We doubt that the recent Mass Effect 3 "ending" controversy had much to do with the distant second finish; however, it's hard to deny the impact that could have had on your votes.  Thoughts?

The third entry on our list secures a space opera trifecta for the top three with the always epic real-time strategy hit StarCraft, which garnered 15% (6346) of your votes.  Not even a Zerg swarm could have held this game back.

Rounding out the bottom 3 of our list are dystopias and war-torn post-apocalyptic cityscapes: fourth place Gears of War at 11%, fifth place Half-Life at 10% (4261) and sixth place Deus Ex with a barely registered 3% (1232).

With a galaxy (and possible yet to be confirmed multiple dimensions) of other games out there, are there any of your favorites that we missed?  Let us know in the comments.

And if you haven't checked out the latest Halo trailer, what are you waiting for?

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