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Poll Vault: Lara Croft is gaming’s greatest heroine

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Last week's reader poll was all about Girl Power, as several of the most famous ladies in video  games took center stage. "Who is gaming's greatest heroine?" we asked.

"Lara Croft," you answered.

The Tomb Raider star raids the peak of the poll with 30% (16,359) of your votes.  With a career spent battling armed guards, fierce tigers, rampaging dinosaurs and even a few gods , she's certainly the toughest of the challengers.

Although the Galactic Federation might disagree.  Bounty hunter in disguise Samus Aran from Metroid closely trailed Ms. Croft with 24% (12,991) of the votes, proving that when it comes to gaming greatness, it helps if you know your way around a gun (or Ice Beam).

Chomping her way to third is Ms. Pac-Man, who gobbled up 21% (11,330) of the vote.  Not bad for a 31 year-old. Fourth but not forgotten is Mario's main squeeze Princess Peach with 16% (8,728) of the vote, and fighting her way into fifth is the high kicking Chun Li of Street Fighter fame.  Not quite the dynamic duo you'd expect, but we'd love to see some kind of Mario-saving martial arts mash-up.

Closing out this weeks' poll is the famous Flo from the Diner Dash series of games, who only mustered up 2% (1,016) of the vote. Here's a tip, Flo: grab a gun.

Who's your favorite female game character? Let us know in the comments!

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