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Poll Vault: ‘Mortal Kombat’ is your favorite fighting game franchise

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Six games enter, one game leaves.

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The dust has settled from last week's poll, in which we asked the simple question, "What's your favorite fighting games franchise?" We have a bona fide champ -- and he's pretty nasty.

With 35% (7,680) of your votes, the Mortal Kombat franchise finished off the competition. Interestingly, the bloody brawler was chased by the kid-friendliest, as the light-hearted Super Smash Bros. muscled into second with 28% (6,142).

In a bit of a surprise, the franchise that put fighting games on the map, Street Fighter, placed a distant third with 12% (2,596), followed closely by Tekken.

And although the excellent SoulCalibur V was just released, the series only grabbed 6% (1,357) of the pie. Seem a bit low? Not to Virtua Fighter, which nabbed a dismal 1% (244) despite being widely regarded as the father of 3D fighting games.

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