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Poll Vault: Xbox 360 is your most played system

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With the Playstation Vita and Wii U both launching this year, the battle over your video game system allegiances is about to heat up.

But before you have to make tough buying decisions, we gave you an easy one. In our last reader poll, we asked: "Which system do you play the most?" And in harmony with recent sales figures, the Xbox 360 was the big winner.

Microsoft's once-troubled machine (remember those Red Rings?) raked in 25,420 votes, good for 38% of the total.  Nipping at its heels was Sony's PS3, finishing with a very healthy -- and very close -- 23,147 (35%).

Coming in third? That would be the Wii, which took in a mere 9,320 votes (14%). Faced with waning sales, a lack of core gamer interest, and the ramp up to the Wii U, it's seen better days. But it gets worse for Nintendo: in a clear sign that the times have changed, the iPhone/iPad gaming experience crushed the Nintendo 3DS, 7,030 (11%) to 1,569 (2%).

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