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PSA: Age of Empires Online beta code giveaway week

Plugged In

Bumper Jack

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Age of Empires Online - Microsoft

If you like your strategy gaming massive, online and totally free, this is your week.

For five straight days, we'll be giving away a whopping number of codes granting free access to the Age of Empires Online beta test. And by whopping, we mean 25 codes per day. That's a lot of strategy.

The catch? We're doing it on our Facebook page, so you're going to have to show us a little love by heading over to the social network and giving us a "Like." Then just check your feed around 5:00 pm (PST) each day from Monday, April 25 to Friday, April 29 and get your copy/paste ready.

For more instructions on how to set up a computer to access the beta and how to redeem a code, check here. And to learn more about what, exactly, the return of this highly-acclaimed strategy series brings to the table, check the facts.

Each code is unique and will only work once -- but with 125 chances, the odds aren't entirely against you. Unlike your enemies in Age of Empires Online.

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