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PSP Go price slashed $50; still can’t play Birth by Sleep

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PSP Go: cheaper

Slammed by critics as too expensive at its October 2009 launch, the PSP Go just became a rather better deal. Sony announced today it'll trim $50 from the sleek handheld's pricetag, leaving it at just $199.

The new price brings it more into line with other handheld gaming systems: the standard PSP retails at around $170, as does the Nintendo DSi XL, although the regular DSi is cheaper at $150.

Launched as a premium alternative to Sony's aging PSP, the Go has no UMD drive, relying instead on 16 GB of internal memory to store its downloadable games. Despite sporting what is (subjectively) one of the best form factors portable gaming has to offer, it proved too expensive for new PSP owners -- and too inconvenient for fans of the format, who would have had to re-buy all their UMD games as downloads.

As to whether or not the price cut is likely to win over skeptics, we'll find out this holiday season. Sony has never separated standard PSP and PSP Go sales figures, but the platform is widely held to have been a sales flop. And the price cut is certainly not going to impress the millions of fans of this year's PSP smash, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Despite being one of the platform's biggest hits, it's only available as a UMD and can't be played on the PSP Go at all.

Will a $199 PSP Go tempt you? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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