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Get ready for your closeup with “Yoostar 2″

Plugged In

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For those of you who aren't satisfied with quaffing one beer

too many and belting out "Tom Sawyer" in your best falsetto on 'Rock Band,'

Yoostar Entertainment offers a new way to humiliate yourself in front of

friends — and this time the results are guaranteed to be captured on video.

Yoostar 2 allows you to re-enact celebrated scenes from a

number of movies, covering decades of Hollywood history from Casablanca to The

Hangover. Your console -- via Xbox

Kinect or the Playstation "Eye" camera — videotapes your amateur theatrics and

places them directly inside the original video of the actual film. The first iteration of Yoostar was a somewhat

complex affair, requiring players to erect a greenscreen before starting a

scene. No more: the Xbox and Playstation

can remove you from your real-life backdrop with remarkable swiftness and

ease. All you need to do is make sure

that the room is well lit, and that your inhibitions are securely stowed away.

We took a spin with Yoostar 2 at the Yahoo! Games

offices. Mustering my best Ah-nold

accent, I enacted the famed "I'll Be Back" confrontation from The Terminator,

while video producer Mike Zipkin channeled Forrest Gump in a well-known

bus-stop scene. The results, mercifully,

were not distributed on the expansive social-network system that will go live

when Yoostar launches, and will allow players to rate and compare their own

performances and those of friends.

Yoostar 2's most obvious application will be as a party game

— we can easily see this being the centerpiece of many a friendly living-room

gathering, preferably aided with a little liquid courage to help shyer gamers

step onto the virtual set. There's no shortage

of scenes to play — the game will ship with 80 ready out-of-the-box, with plans

to add 5-10 new scenes per week as downloadable content.

Inner thesp intrigued?

If so, keep an eye out for Yoostar 2 to release for Xbox 360 and

Playstation 3 in early March.

Check out the Yoostar 2 trailer

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