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Relive two decades of PlayStation in one bedroom

Plugged In

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Hard to believe, but the original PlayStation -- the one that crushed the Sega Saturn in what may have been the most lopsided console war ever -- is old enough to vote.

Now 18 years old, the PlayStation brand has been around for some serious cultural shifts. In 1995, when the first system hit shelves, online gaming was fringe, John Madden still appeared in his own games, and Grand Theft Auto didn't yet exist.

Of course, monumental changes have taken place outside of the gaming world as well. To help illustrate them in a fun way, Sony created a four-minute video full of PlayStation memories that takes place over an 18-year period in one bedroom.

It's a nice bit of nostalgia ahead of the PlayStation 4 launch next month, but one commenter on YouTube raises an interesting question. If the video features the same guy, and he's in his teens in 1995 and still living at home in 2013, perhaps he needs to spend a little less time playing videogames. Just saying.

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