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Report details biggest problems with next generation consoles

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Everyone's a critic. And when the subject is next generation consoles, they're especially ferocious.

Sometimes that's legitimate. Sometimes, it's user error. (And sometimes, it's an odd mix of both.) Fixya has dug through over 40,000 complaints to determine the most common problems with each of the new machines on the market.

The complaints come through the Fixya website and app (where consumers can discuss problems and occasionally find remedies to their woes). And it looks like there have been a number of unhappy console owners.

There are a few overarching themes in the report. Xbox One users are getting really frustrated with Kinect's communication issues – in particular, its trouble recognizing commands, as well as glitches with the motion sensor tech. PS4 owners, not surprisingly, are grumbling at the "blue light of death". And Wii U users say they're still having problems with the console freezing - even though the company has already addressed the issue.

“Buying a video game console is a big investment, and can cost up to five hundred bucks for the console alone – and that’s before games even enter the equation,” said Fixya CEO and founder, Yaniv Bensadon. “With promises of ‘the future’ from each of these manufacturers, we wanted to give customers an insider look into the most common problems with each device.”

So how did things, um, break down with consumers? Here are the top five problems for each system, per Fixya.

Nintendo Wii U
1. Freezing—35%
2. Gamepad issues—30%
3. Internet Connection—15%
4. Audio/Video —10%
5. Other – 10%

Microsoft Xbox One
1. Kinect —30%
2. Console Turning Off—25%
3. Audio/Sounds—15%
4. Disc Drive —10%
5. Other – 20%

Sony PlayStation 4
1. Console Turning Off —35%
2. No Audio/Video —25%
3. Freezing—20%
4. Disc Drive —10%
5. Other – 10%

The site also offers some potential solutions for the problems, though it's largely what you've read before if you've done any online research on the issue.

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