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‘Resident Evil 6: Premium Edition’ priced over $1,000

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The typical $60 price tag for most high-end console games is a ceiling that's unlikely to break anytime soon, but like most other mediums, game makers have found incremental cash-making opportunities in limited-run "Collector's Editions" targeted at their most fervent fans.

The latest from Resident Evil maker Capcom, though, is pretty staggering: a ¥105,000 bundle (approximately $1,300) that comes with some Evil goodies.

Kotaku reports that the eagerly awaited Resident Evil 6 "Premium Edition" will include a copy of the game, four branded tablet covers of the game series' famous characters (Chris, Leon, Jake, and one yet to be revealed), and a leather jacket modeled on protagonist Leon's iconic look.  The jacket comes in S, M, L, and XL.

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While special editions are commonplace for major franchises, the typical premium for those bearing extra tchotchkes is $150-200 or so.  Of course, they rarely include high-end clothing and instead favor custom painted statuettes, artwork books, and in-game virtual goods.

Resident Evil 6: Premium Edition is currently only available direct from Capcom Japan. The game is slated to ship in October.

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