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Risky ‘Send Me To Heaven’ app is a smartphone’s nightmare

Plugged In

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(Credit: Jesse Millan, Petr Svarovsky)

Are you looking for a new game app that takes advantage of your smartphone’s accelerometer? And are you so sick of your phone that you wouldn’t mind if it, say, broke into a thousand tiny pieces?

Then don’t miss the wildly reckless Send Me To Heaven.

Created by Norwegian developer CarrotPop, the free game challenges you to hurl your precious handheld in the air. It then uses your phone’s accelerometer to calculate exactly how high the thing got before it began plummeting back to Earth, where it will either land in your hands to continue life as a functional piece of technology or land on the ground to be chalked up as another tactical life mistake. Global leaderboards keep track of the ten bravest daily, weekly, and monthly throwers.

Before you can play, however, you’ll have to agree to a disclaimer waiving CarrotPop’s liability in case you (or your phone) suffer any injuries while playing. And sooner or later, that's exactly what's going to happen.

Sound ridiculous? It is. It’s very ridiculous. It’s so ridiculous, in fact, that Apple rejected it from the App Store.

"Apple thought it was violating one of the rules for submission as it was encouraging behavior which could lead to a damage of iOS device," developer Petr Svarovsky told the LA Times.

That logic doesn’t apply to the Google Play store, however, leaving Android users free and clear to download and chuck away. And apparently, they’re doing just that. Despite its ludicrous premise, Send Me to Heaven currently enjoys a respectable 4.4/5 user rating. Guess it’s catching on.

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